IP Dealmakers Forum will Connect Investors with Patent Holders

2014 IP Dealmakers Forum is the first to place equity, venture and debt investors in front of patent holders, private and public. IP deals are no different from other asset transactions. The best informed and networked are often in the best position to succeed. That’s what the organizers, all-star speakers and investor attendees are banking […]

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“Patent Licensing is Totally Broken,” Priceline Founder Tells Investors

Inventor and entrepreneur Jay Walker says new ideas are needed to make innovation less contentious. He wants to make “no fault” patent licensing a reality. Earlier this year Jay Walker merged remaining parts of Walker Digital, his invention company, into Patent Properties (OTC: PPRO). Patent Properties will continue to license his patents and soon introduce a […]

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Big Media is Buying into YouTube Networks; IP Battles May Loom

New sources of content created independently, produced cheaply and distributed on YouTube are challenging network and cable TV dominance. The impact on copyright and brand licensing is unclear. If you are over 25, or so, you may be too old to notice it, but changes are taking place that are altering how and by whom […]

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LES Hot Topic: “Public IP Cos, Their Impact and Business Models”

Licensing Executives Society session at annual meeting in SF will also look at PIPCOs’ profile, performance and future. This year’s LES annual meeting in San Francisco, it’s 50th, will provide many timely sessions, including one on the future of PIPCOs – public IP (licensing) companies. Moderated by your dedicated IP CloseUp reporter, Bruce Berman, it features […]

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Vringo Stock Dive: Bad Day in Court or Flawed Business Model?

Google’s successful CAFC appeal has vacated Vringo’s already reduced $30M award. Could it have quit while it was ahead? Vringo stock traded as high as $5.45 in 2013 and as low as $.67 a few days ago. It lost 80% of its value in a matter of hours when its big win was overturned by […]

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Post-Grant Reviews are Shaping NPE Patent Quality & Portfolio Size

More and better patents have greater meaning for licensors now that a petitioner can seek an internal review (IPR) canceling a patent because of a single claim. Expect those with capital and experience to prevail. IPNav announced in May that the firm’s President, Deirdre Leane, is set to succeed CEO Erich Spangenberg by the end of […]

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PwC Patent Litigation Study: More Suits and NPEs; Fewer Big Awards

What’s to be learned from PwC’s 2014 Patent Litigation Survey that we don’t already know? Patent suits are at an all-time high, with almost 6,500 in 2013 keeping pace with the number of utility patents granted, about 300,000. Most of the new cases (67%), have been brought by NPEs or those without significant operating revenue. Median […]

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Despite Limiting Dubious Rights and Behaviors, Patents are More Uncertain than Ever

It’s unclear whether attempts by lawmakers and the courts to rein-in invalid patents and bad patent-holder behavior have succeeded in improving the system. Whatever the case savvy investors will be looking for a silver lining. Recent United States Supreme Court and federal district court decisions and new laws making it harder to enforce patents have […]

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Enhancing IP Deals will be Focus of LES’ 50th Anniv’y Meeting in SF

The Licensing Executive Society will celebrate its 50th year in 2014 holding education and networking meetings for patent and other IP holders and investors. The dates are October 5 to October 8 in San Francisco. The 2014 theme is “Advancing and Enhancing Business Development, Deals & Innovation” Meeting Highlights Interactive cross-sector plenary session featuring the “Titans […]

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2014 Patent Verdicts Suggest the Best IP Rights Remain Valuable if More Difficult to Monetize

While $50 million-and-up patent verdicts were up in the first half of 2014, there were only two wins higher than $131M and none from NPEs. The uncertainty brought about by legislation and the courts has not put a damper on patent wins, but it likely has influenced them by putting an unofficial ceiling on some. […]

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First Wireless Phone is Among 18 Early Inventions Filmed by Pathé

Coming up with better ideas for communication and transportation is nothing new. British Pathe captured many of the 20th Century’s most innovative on film.  A news film archive popular until television made it superfluous, British Pathé, recently made available for viewing on video 85,000 of its newsreels collected from 1896 to 1976. A group of […]

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Copyright Monetization Business is Latest IP Enforcement Play

New IP licensing model is generating opportunity for content providers and investors; obstacles for file-sharers. Rightscorp is an IP licensing business model of a different stripe. It monetizes copyrights through widespread enforcement of consumers who download music and movies without paying. While some may consider Rightscorp the first public “copyright troll,” others see it as an […]

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