Nine Companies in IP CloseUp 30 Index Fall Below $1/share

More than one-third of the IP CloseUp® 30 public patent licensing companies (or PIPCOs) are currently selling for less than or about $1 per share — Opportunity of red flag? With the S&P 500 and other major market indices up slightly for the year, about as expected, PIPCOs continue to defy expectations both on the down […]

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InterDigital and Tessera Soar in (for now) a Strong 4Q for Stocks

The stock market continues to defy expectations. Even more surprising, a few PIPCOs have dramatically outperformed it. Smaller cap patent stocks have not fared so well.   A handful of patent licensing companies are poised to end 2014 on a resoundingly high note. Early indications are that InterDigital and Tessera Technologies are among those that have […]

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$3.3B Patent Royalty Deal, the Largest Ever, is Windfall for Charity

The rights to an expensive drug treatment owned by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has helped it to reap a financial windfall but is not without controversy. Critics believe that non-profits should stick to funding research and not investing in drug development. Profiting directly from the high cost of an essential medication through what has been called […]

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Rockstar’s $188M Settlement with Cisco Revives Patent Licensing

Cisco deal shows reports of patent licensing’s death have been greatly exaggerated.   Patent licensing may no longer be what it once was in areas of art like smart phones and consumer electronics, where the royalty stack can be as high as an Asian office tower, and courts and lawmakers have rendered legitimate patent enforcement […]

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Some Licensing Companies will Likely Benefit from Higher Patent Hurdles

As businesses adjust to new judicial and legislative requirements public patent licensing companies will have to work harder and think smarter to compete against the stock market and each other. Some are better-positioned to succeed than other. Investors will soon learn which patent licensing companies are best-prepared to respond to the new patent quality and […]

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Unwired Planet: Can Cash Position Cushion Long Sales Cycle?

With three recent Markman hearings and more than $100M in cash UPIP trading currently at $1.46 could be a good buy for those with patience and a strong stomach. At an earnings call last Thursday Unwired Planet, Inc. (NASDAQ: UPIP)  CEO Philip Vachon reiterated his confidence in the future, and announced a renegotiated deal with Ericsson […]

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“IP Business Outlook” to Explore Opportunities & Potential Impact of European Unitary Patent

Morning briefing to be held in NY’s financial district at One Broadway and cost just $99 to attend. The European unitary patent and the unified patent court system are well on their way to creation. A briefing to be held near Wall Street in NY on November 13 and open to the public will feature […]

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Leading Blogger Unloads on Patent Critics and the Real Bad Actors

Innovation is not threatened by patent “trolls,” says a Virginia IP attorney, but by half-truths about the failure of the patent system spread by businesses looking to defend their turf. The publisher of IP Watchdog, one of the most widely read blogs in the patent field, went from watchdog to bulldog this week, taking on businesses […]

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Mobile & Other Patents will Play a Role in Pantech Bankruptcy Sale

Expect a transaction to yield some clues about which smart phone-related patents are interesting, what they are worth and to whom. Struggling South Korean handset maker, Pantech, announced this week that it is up for sale. Pantech’s financial troubles could be other technology companies’ gains, especially if they are interested in cracking the lucrative Korean smart […]

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IP Dealmakers Forum will Connect Investors with Patent Holders

2014 IP Dealmakers Forum is the first to place equity, venture and debt investors in front of patent holders, private and public. IP deals are no different from other asset transactions. The best informed and networked are often in the best position to succeed. That’s what the organizers, all-star speakers and investor attendees are banking […]

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“Patent Licensing is Totally Broken,” Priceline Founder Tells Investors

Inventor and entrepreneur Jay Walker says new ideas are needed to make innovation less contentious. He wants to make “no fault” patent licensing a reality. Earlier this year Jay Walker merged remaining parts of Walker Digital, his invention company, into Patent Properties (OTC: PPRO). Patent Properties will continue to license his patents and soon introduce a […]

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Big Media is Buying into YouTube Networks; IP Battles May Loom

New sources of content created independently, produced cheaply and distributed on YouTube are challenging network and cable TV dominance. The impact on copyright and brand licensing is unclear. If you are over 25, or so, you may be too old to notice it, but changes are taking place that are altering how and by whom […]

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