Patent quality — Is a “shared responsibility, says IBM; it does not represent invention quality or IP value

There is a great deal of agreement that patent quality is lacking, but surprisingly little about how to define and achieve it. Patent quality is typically associated with validity. Good patents are valid upon scrutiny, bad ones invalid. However, the term also refers to the relative importance of an invention and the value of the […]

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“IP Finance 2015″ will examine IP assets, transactions and challenges

IP Finance 2015, “Innovative Ways to Manage IP Assets for Maximum Return,” will bring together in New York on May 14 leaders in patent licensing and transactions, including those who fund them.  Following a successful IP Finance kick-off in May 2014, Premier Cercle™ is teaming up with Institutional Investor Magazine and Managing Intellectual Property for a sequel […]

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Patent ‘Quality Summit’ will be open to the public, March 25-26

The goal of the USPTO gathering is to promote discussion of ways to improve patent quality. The first Patent Quality Summit will take place at United States Patent and Trademark Office headquarters in Alexandria, VA on March 25-26. The two-day event’s opening session, “Perspectives on the Importance of Quality,” will feature corporate counsel, private practitioners, academics, economists, […]

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Rohrabacher to Congress: “Don’t let the ‘Innovation Act’ be a part of our legacy”

Not everyone agrees that another round of patent reform is necessary at this time. Doubters believe that the Innovation Act, H.R. 9 in its current form, will not improve the United States patent system, but merely make it more acceptable to some of the businesses threatened by it. Three recent articles make compelling arguments against the current […]

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For Samsung charity begins at “home,” Marshall, Texas

Samsung has had to defend itself from dozens of patent suits in the Eastern District of Texas, one of the most popular venues for patent plaintiffs.  At times it may feel to a defendant like a Texas version of the movie ‘Groundhog Day.’ The company so often finds itself in front of a Marshall, TX […]

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Life360: “It is a huge stretch to say we are infringing”

The comment that follows is from Life360 CEO Chris Hulls in response to the 2/9/15 IP CloseUp post, “Family App Developer Says it’s the Victim of a Patent ‘Troll’ — Research Indicates Otherwise.” “Bruce, Chris Hulls from Life360 here. “I genuinely appreciate your interest in this case. I would encourage you to dig into this […]

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Family App Developer Says it’s the Victim of a Patent “Troll” — Research Indicates Otherwise

When it comes to invention rights (patents) it is often difficult to determine who is a victim and who is merely promoting its agenda. Life360, which markets the world’s largest family tracking app, says it is being unfairly targeted by what it calls a patent troll, Advanced Ground Information Systems Inc.(AGIS).  SF-based Life360, which has raised […]

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More Patent Holders, Filers Need to be Mindful of Bad Behaviors

Companies that denigrate independent patent holders who enforce their rights should take care not put all of the blame for the patent system’s ills on NPEs — There is plenty of bad patent behavior to go around.  In the patent system it’s getting harder to tell the bad actors apart. And you know what they say […]

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US Tech Cos are Bulking-up On Software and Methods Patents

More than half of Google and Microsoft’s 2014 US patent grants were in methods-related classes. IBM and Apple also were active filers in these areas. By Maulin Shah and Bruce Berman Patent values are down, partially a result of recent court decisions and legislation. But not everyone is writing-off software and method patents, even though […]

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Responsible Patent Licensing is Focus of NY Financial Conference

Executives of top patent holders will participate in “NPE 2015: The Business of Responsible Licensing” to be held in NYC’s financial district on March 12. There are still some audiences that believe that NPE, or non-practicing entity, is just another term for patent “troll.” To them patent holders who wish to license their inventions but […]

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A Few IP Stocks Shined in 2014; Most Declined, Some Significantly

Size helped in 2014 when it came to public IP licensing company stock performance, but it did not assure success. As a group, the twelve companies in the PIPX Public IP Performance Index out-paced the S&P 500 for the 4Q 2014 9.1% to 4.4%, with Neonode, Tessera and InterDigital leading the way, all with 4Q […]

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Video Interview: “Investor Pressure Helped to Secure Rockstar Deals”

Opportunities still exist to monetize patents for those willing to do their homework and adjust expectations, veteran patent licensing executive Bob Bramson, a WiLAN director, told IP CloseUp in an exclusive interview. There is a common theme running through Rockstar’s recent $188M settlement with Cisco, its litigation against Asian handset makers, including Samsung, and sale of […]

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