PTAB instituted IPRs are flat after declining slightly in 2015

After declining 9% in 2015 from the 2014 fiscal year Patent Trial and Appeal Board-instituted inter partes reviews (IPRs) have leveled off. Instituted reviews were at 74% in 2014, went to 65% in 2015 and are thus far at 66% for fiscal year 2016. This is according to, “PTAB Grants Lower Rare of IPRs as Patent Owners […]

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Fintech patent competition: fierce, diverse, growing

Among the most watched areas for new patent value is financial technology, covering inventions in areas like authentication, mobile payments and wealth management. Fintech is among the few bright spots in the patent landscape, with leading banks like JP Morgan, Bank of American and Wells Fargo, and credit card companies like Visa, MasterCard and American Express deeply involved […]

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Responsible Patent Licensing is focus of Wall Street event

Not all patent licensing businesses are alike. “NPE 2016: The Business of Responsible Licensing,” scheduled for March 22 at the Convene conference in New York, will differentiate patent monetization companies by examining their business models, strategies and the managers who run them. The conference will focus on the non-practicing entity (NPE) industry, including both public […]

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Apple was paid $1B for rights to feature Google search engine

It’s no accident that Google is top dog for search on iPhones and other Apple products. It cost the company $1 billion in 2014 according to possibly leaked documents.   It’s being reported that as part of a five-year case against Google’s apparent use of Oracle’s Java technology, a court heard that “at one point in […]

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The bonds that fell to earth – The financial magic of David Bowie

The passing of David Bowie is a reminder that he was an innovator in finance and intellectual property, as well as music and fashion.  Much has been written about the passing of David Bowie in New York at 69. It’s important to remember that he was a pioneer in music royalty securitization in 1997 with so-called”Bowie […]

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USA, Washington DC, Pennsylvania Avenue and Capitol building

$300 discount for IPCU readers to attend US Patent Forum 2016

The fifth annual US Patent Forum is returning to Washington DC on March 17, 2016. A similar forum will precede it in Palo Alto on March 15. In light of the recent US patent developments, the US Patent Forum, hosted by Managing Intellectual Property magazine, will take an in-depth look at topics affecting US patents today. […]

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Public patent licensing company index declined 24.4% in 2015

While the S&P 500 stock market index was up 6.5% for the 4Q 2015, the PIPX (public IP licensing company index) was down 11%.  2015 results were worse with the PIPX down 24.4% vs. the S&P 500, which declined 0.7%. The poor performance is attributed to the weakening of patents and patent values, and the […]

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Harvard study: financial patents lag in quality, especially NPEs’

A recently published Harvard Business School working paper found that financial services patents lack quality because they lag their peers in academic citations. “Financial Patent Quality: Finance Patents After State Street”  findings indicate that financial services patents are questionable with regard to their references to academic prior art. The study’s findings also show that patents awarded […]

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Annual report: IP CloseUp visits are up 32% in 2015 to 24,000

2015 was a year of growth for IP CloseUp, as visits increased to 24,000 and subscriptions were up, too. The busiest day of the year was Christmas Day when there were 482 views of “Kearns’ Son Still Fuming Over Wiper Blade Fight.” The post about the continued anger of inventor Robert Kearns family over his […]

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“Patent Investor” tracks licensing company shares & developments

A new weekly is the first to feature in-depth coverage of public intellectual property monetization companies (PIPCOs).  I’ve been following The Patent Investor for a few weeks, wondering what news it could provide beyond what I already know and hear about the PIPCO space. What I discovered is that TPI regularly contains news of developments […]

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Quinn: Patent PERPs are the real bullies of the licensing world

A disturbing article by IP Watchdog’s Gene Quinn asks “Who are the real bullies of the patent world?” It’s not patent trolls. They are far less of a problem than Patent PERPs – Practicing Entities that Refuse to Pay. The founder and editor of IP Watchdog, one of the leading IP blogs, pointed a finger […]

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Top 4 Patent Sellers

Panasonic, NEC & Sony are battling with IBM for patent sales leadership

Despite dramatically lower patent valuations, some big companies, including under-performing foreign holders, have taken the number of U.S. sales to new highs. While IBM still leads, over the past three and a half years, it has been joined by IP-conservative firms from Japan, notably Panasonic/Matsushita, NEC and Sony. All four of these companies have something […]

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