Google’s patent giveaway is not really about saving startups from predators

The Patent Starter Program announced last week by Google may be less about how the company can help protect young companies from patent “trolls” than re-thinking how patents are most effectively used.  A provocative article running on the Fortune blog by Jeff John Roberts, “Google’s new patent plan: how it will and won’t help startups,” […]

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Biometric Template Security

Apple acquires 26 finger print scanning patents from failed startup

26 of a tiny company’s 31 finger print scanning patents were recently transferred to Apple. How Apple plans to use the invention rights is not clear. What is clear is that Apple has been watching Charlottesville, VA based Privaris, a biometric security company, for several years and, a company, reports Business Insider, which still exists but has not updated […]

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PIPX patent licensing company index beat the S&P 500 in the 2Q

The PIPX Index of 14 of the larger publicly held patent licensing companies rose by 2.1% for the second quarter 2015, beating the S&P 500 Index. Similar to some other indexes, the PIPX is heavily weighted by the market value of those companies included, and was able to out-performed the S&P 500 Index, which was […]

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1Q + 2Q 2015 = downer for most PIPCOs; a few bright spots shine

Shares of public IP companies (PIPCOs) continued to fare poorly in the 2Q of 2015. The stock of companies with larger market capitalization tended to do better, and there were even a few whose shares were up significantly. Just how bad was the first half of 2015 for PIPCOs? Pretty bad. Through July 6 the […]

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EU study: IP holders have 29% more revenue per employee; pay 20% higher wages

Companies that own intellectual property rights typically generate 29% higher revenue per employee, have about six times as many employees, and pay wages that are up to 20% higher. These are the main findings of a study released recently by the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) acting through the EU Observatory on […]

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Financial patent eligibility and quality will be featured at Financial Services IP Summit, 7/22-23 in NYC

Legal executives from the leading banks and financial institutions, patent attorneys, outside counsel, prosecutors, judges and lawmakers will gather in New York July 22-23 to learn and discuss strategies after Supreme Court rulings on patent eligibility and decisions from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. The 12th Annual “Patents for Financial Services Summit” will examine […]

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Poor ROI from top R&D companies is a red flag, says Forbes columnist

Which companies are truly (disruptively) innovative and which are merely using their R&D to maintain a low-growth franchise has become the subject of worthy debate. Forbes columnist Alan Hartung, believes that some of the largest tech companies – not coincidentally some of the biggest R&D spenders and patent holders – are the worst investments for […]

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Patent values are hit by uncertainty; operating co buying overtakes NPE

Three things are needed to succeed today in patent licensing: more capital, more patience and more good patents, which are in increasingly short supply.  Uncertainty is the glue that binds weaker patents to cheaper ones. Patent reliability is poorer than ever, in part because invalidating bad patents is now somewhat less arduous and costly. The […]

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NPEs are winning 4.5x more in damages than opcos, new PwC patent litigation study shows

With patent litigation down 13% over 2013, and median damages awards just $2.9 million, the lowest in at least 20 years, NPEs are still besting operating companies in damages at trial by more than four fold. PwC’s 2015 annual patent litigation study, subtitled “A change in patentee fortunes,” is a useful overview of trends in […]

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Higher R&D does not necessarily result in more or better patents

It is unclear that companies with the most significant increases in R&D spending are securing more, better quality or valuable patents.  A random study of the R&D spending and U.S. patent granted three years following of 12 leading technology companies conducted by Brody Berman Associates shows that costly corporate research spending does not necessarily result […]

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Does Google’s patent buying experiment put it in competition w/ Intellectual Ventures and RPX?

On Friday May 8 Google will launch a two week experiment in acquiring patents from mainly small businesses and inventors. Directly, or indirectly, the Patent Purchase Promotion (PPP) will be competing with NPEs and other operating companies for patent ownership. The announcement raises questions: Is Google taking a page the play book written by IV […]

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The state of patent value will be front and center at the IP Business Congress in SF

In 2011 the buzz at the IP Business Congress in San Francisco was about the high cost of potential smart phone patent deals. Bankrupt Nortel’s sale of a portfolio for $4.5 billion was announced during or just after IBPC, and Google’s $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility was announced a few days later. Since then patent […]

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